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Hire a Web3 Advisor

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Hello, I am Devjeet Choudhury, a web3 consultant.

Why me?

My area of expertise is in web3, NFTs, Blockchain and the metaverse. Before Web3 most of my career, I spent time building marketing strategies for companies and understanding user psychology.

Once I jumped into Web3, I fell in love with it. I spent countless hours learning as well as experimenting with the technology, market, and users. On top of that, I build relationships with top advisors around the world to figure out the best way to add value in this space.

So, here I am to help individuals and companies who want to innovate, discover a new market, and build a valuable product. As an advisor, I will:

  • Lay the correct foundation for growth
  • Give insights and create frameworks

What will you get?

🧠 Advisory

We will have weekly 1:1 discussions, my role is to see and remove all the red flags. A successful project consists of making multiple right decisions.

I will ensure the project is aligned with users/ end customers. I will also prepare a strategic report that will include the following:

  • Define internal & external processes.
  • Value proposition, SWOT analysis & SMART goals
  • Industry and market data
  • Direction on pricing, supply and utilities
  • Economic model, operating model, project management and investment strategy

🚀 Marketing

I can help you with 3D videos, graphics, and content to promote your project. I have a team of talented freelancers and full-time people. We have worked with top-tier projects and helped them succeed with their NFT project.

The prices will vary based on the service you opt for. We guarantee quality work!

What is your process?

Time is crucial for any project. We will only spend time on execution and getting things done.

-> Discovery call: We will discuss the scope of the project and if I can help you with your project or not. This call has no time limit, it is important for us to discuss each and every aspect. We will move to onboard you IF we mutually agree to proceed. (Avg time: 30-60 mins)

-> Onboarding: Once you subscribe, you will receive an email with the next steps and a calendar with all our meetings + deliverables.

-> Execution: During our 1:1 discussions, we will have concrete agendas & outcomes. Based on the scope of the project, you will receive a complete report + other resources.

Find a time to connect ⬇️

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Who's your ideal client?

My ideal client is a responsive client whose web3 project is innovative and has a minimum budget of $10k-$50k that can be allocated to it (technical, design, marketing, etc.). It's also a brand willing to build a lasting web3 business. During our engagement, I typically work with the CEO and the CMO. I always work with individuals I feel will be a good fit in the long run.

How many clients are you working with?

I work with no more than 3 companies simultaneously to provide maximum value to everyone. Dedicated time slots for my clients are booked in my calendar. Because of this, I require a discovery call before working together. A new project requires at least 3 months of support for the best results.

Book a Call

If you have any questions, I can be reached by DM on LinkedIn or email at devjeetc09@gmail.com.

I look forward to discovering your project and working with you!



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Hire a Web3 Advisor

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